Solutions Based on Technology and Experience

Evolving technology continues to reshape the field of healthcare and impacts health plan management in positive ways. But technology, independent of experience in the field, will never reach its maximum potential. That’s why Healthalytica℠ brings distinct advantages to the marketplace. The Healthalytica team is a deeply experienced group of “benefit nerds” that are equally versed in technology and finance. We care deeply about delivering results for our clients and work hard every day to gain their satisfaction.

Our Technology

Healthalytica℠ utilizes an ever-evolving array of best-in-class technologies to deliver efficiencies and savings to our clients. Central to our process is our Insight Engine.

Insight Engine

The algorithms driving our Insight Engine are designed to forensically scan claims data in real-time for overpayments due to provider billing errors, fraud, waste or abuse. It is rules-based to identify and correct inaccuracies before being submitted for payment – saving manpower, time and money.

Importantly, Insight Engine is data driven so it can identify impactful billing patterns and can predict negative trends before impacting a plan’s financial performance.